Group Checklist Pro

Create checklist, invite friends, use together in a real time! Enjoy app!

☑ Easy create checklist groups 

☑ Create as many groups as you wish

☑  Invite friends to particular group  and use checklist together

☑  See changes in your groups in real time



☑ Be notified about any changes in all groups

☑ Sort items in many ways

☑ Work  offline

☑ Your data is safe

☑ Absolutely free to use

Create, view, edit your tasks online and offline, invite your friends or family to participate and manage checklist. Use family checklist synced across all your devices and devices all group members. Take control of all your task or tasks you planned to achieve with your friends or family.
Use Group Checklist Pro as a family or group organizer.

Wherever you go, whatever you plan, alone or with your friends or family, be focused, organized using one checklist task manager Group Checklist Pro.

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☑ Do not miss any items during vacation preparation:

Just create group, for example,  “Vacation”, invite members, add items together. The checklist will help you to see whole checklist sorted by Users.

☑ Save time going shopping with your family or friends.

Just create, for example, group “Shopping”, invite members to group, add items into checklist and buy together. Buy and check according item . Members will see checked items immediately. Thus you will dramatically save time for shopping.

☑ Easy create checklist groups 

Group Checklist Pro allows you easily create Group, add checklist inside it, share checklist with your friends and use checklist together .

Create any to do list as a checklist or reminder

  • All tasks will be synchronized through all your devices in less than a second
  • View, edit, manage tasks from any device
  • App will remind you about any changes in a group
  • Add details to each task

Use in groups

  • Share your checklist in one click and start using together
  • View all group members
  • Accept invitation to join a group in one click
  • View Users who added a task inside task listing
  • View when and by whom a task were added

Stay on track

  • Receive due date notifications in a second when a new task was added by group member
  • View all new tasks highlighted
  • View groups highlighted in which new tasks were added

Set up priority

  • Set up Low – Medium – High priority to any of your tasks
  • Inside tasks listing each task will be marked with according color – grey, yellow or  red

Archive old groups

  • Keep your data saved
  • Do not remove old groups , just archive them
  • Restore group from archive in one click

Register or skip registration

  • Try guest mode, it is enough for personal use
  • Register to use checklist in groups with your friends

Order task by 

  • Date of task creation
  • Task name
  • User name

Navigate easily

  • Add, view, duplicate, edit, delete item in one click
  • Delete item in one swipe
  • Remove all or checked tasks in one click

Take control of all tasks together!!!